T&CCTV - Hybrid System

Thermal Imaging & CCTV - new possibilities for security applications

Thermal imaging cameras offer for CCTV systems new interesting functions

  • Early fire detection
  • Overheating detection
  • 24/7 imaging capability without lights or illuminators

Early fire detection     NEW!

Now you can combine your CCTV system with early fire detection function. This function can help to detect hot spots before a fire occurs. You can use it wherever is needed early fire detection to prevent extensive damage.

Thermal image - fire detectionThermal image - fire detectionThermal image - fire detection

Overheating detection     NEW!

It is a similar function, like the fire detection. Overheating detection you can use wherever is needed the protection of important and expensive equipment against to overheating, what can cause an dangerous or an unexpectedly situations. Such situations can be for example threat of explosion, forced discontinuation of production, poor-quality of products, demage of expensive machinery and equipment, etc..

Thermal image - heat detectionThermal image - heat detectionThermal image - heat detection

24/7 Imaging capability without lights or illuminators

Thermal cameras can complete your security camera system (CCTV) by giving you the power to see threats also in the night, what are invisible for standard cameras. Thermal cameras make images from the heat energy that is around us all the time, not from reflected visible light, giving you true 24/7 imaging capability without lights or illuminators. Thermal energy penetrates atmospheric obscurants better and farther than visible light, allowing you to see what's out there through haze, smoke, dust and even light fog.

Addition the thermal cameras enable long range detection, such as 600 meters or one kilometer, while standard CCTV cameras usually cannot see beyond 130 meters at night. Detection over color images would possibly raise more false alarms due to noise in the image, moving lights, flashing lights, etc.. By using of thermal imaging cameras do not exist mentioned disadvantages.

Thermal imageThermal imageThermal image

Solution for Thermal Imaging and security CCTV systems

Click here to see Thermal Security system designed for integration of CCTV and thermal imaging cameras with support of fire and overheating detection.

Thermal Security system – typical functions:

  • conectivity up to 100 cameras (more available)
  • full integration of thermal imaging & CCTV
  • multi solution platform
  • fire & overheating detection
  • advanced motion detection
  • PTZ camera control
  • sophistical and practical alarm & video management
  • recording & playback
  • advanced analytics functions
  • large portfolio of supported devices (thermal cameras & CCTV cameras)
  • large portfolio of various interfaces
  • multilanguage interface (ask for actual information)


New functions offer higher level of security



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