Early Indication Imminence of Fire

T-Fire Guard is a predictive system for early indication of imminence of fire. Systems allow to detect already hot spots and areas, namely a long before, that fire really occurs. You can use it wherever is needed early fire detection to prevent extensive damage. It's especially suitable for space monitoring of important and valuable objects, buildings and areas.

Thermal image of fireThermal image of fireThermal image of fire

The advantage of thermal imaging camera is, that will detect fire already in the its incipient stage or at the beginning of the smoldering stage.
Disadvantage of smoke detector is, that relies on smoke production to detect the developing fire, so it will only detect the fire at the end of the smoldering stage or at the beginning of the flame stage. CCTV cameras will detect the fire only in the flame or fire stage.

Graph of fire detection

Many types of material are exothermic without exposure to an external stimulus. Their internal temperature can increase to the point where they begin to burn spontaneously. The resulting fire and intense heat can cause nearby material to ignite. Ultimately an entire warehouse or storage area can be destroyed.
Although warehouses and storage areas are equipped with fire alarms and fire fighting systems these systems only start to operate when there is a fire already. Thermal imaging can help to detect hot spots before a fire occurs so that the necessary measure can be taken on time.

Solution for fire prevention and detection

Click here to see Thermal - Fire Guard system designed for fire prevention/detection. Thermal - Fire Guard system can help to identify many problems before costly and dangerous situations occur.


Prevention is cheaper than damages caused by fire!



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