Automated Thermal Inspection & Process Control

Thermal imaging systems watches over the quality of your production.

For many applications, such as the production of parts and components for the automotive or electronics industry, thermal data are critical. While machine vision can see a production problem, it cannot detect thermal irregularities. Thermal imagery provides much more information to production specialists and decision makers. Indeed, for non-contact precision temperature measurement there is nothing to equal thermal imaging. It adds a new dimension to machine vision and is the perfect solution for applications involving non-contact precision temperature measurement and non-destructive testing.

Thermal imageThermal imageThermal image

Thermal imageThermal imageThermal image

Thermal imaging can also help in process control. There is all about measuring temperatures and/ or determining the shape of certain products on a production line. The acquired data is used to control and improve the process so that the temperatures or shapes are according to specification.

Many producers have discovered, that thermal imaging can help them with their applications of machine vision and process control.

Solution for Automated Thermal Inspection & Process Control

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Thermal imaging cameras watch over the quality of your production



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