Thermal Detection System

Thermal DetectionThermal Detection system is designed for a temperature conditions monitoring and overheating or undercooling detection. It is based on the combination of thermal imaging cameras and intelligent software, that can early recognize hot/cold spots and undesirable temperature changes of the observed objects (exceeding of tempereature limits, sudden temperature acceleration).

Thermal Detection schema

Predictive system - to avert imminent danger even before it arise

One of the major advantages of Thermal Detection system is its ability to anticipate the impending danger (temperature increase/decrease). Intelligent software can recognize a dangerous situation at the stage of the beginning when the temperature of monitored subject begin to pass from stable to unstable state. System recognise such situation usually much more before the dangerous situation will really happen. In this case the system will announce so called “technical alarm” and it enables operator to take preventive measures to divert imminent danger in advance.


Watching mode (real-time monitoring)

Observed object is continuously monitored by thermal imaging cameras, which provide live video stream and simultaneously measure its temperature. The video stream, including captured data of its temperature is continuously transferred from thermal imaging camera in to a central control system. There is all processed and evaluated in real-time.
If the Thermal Detection system detects undesirable temperature changes of the observed object (exceeding the set temperature, temperature acceleration), system automatically sends a command to superior control system or it alerts an operator. Afterwards operator has the ability to look live video stream from thermal imaging cameras and verify the situation.

Displaying mode (real-time video)

System provides and displays live video stream from all connected cameras. If it is necessary, the operator is able continously in real-time to observe all events in monitored area.

Thermal imageThermal imageThermal image

Continuous video recording and temperatures data logging

In watching mode system simultaneously and continuously performs video recording and temperature data logging. Recorded video and recorded temperature data allows the retrospective analysis of events, which occured in the past in monitored area.

Retrospective analysis of events

System able to do advanced analysis of occured events. The analysis is performed from recorded video and temperature data in two ways:

  • visually – playback of records (thermal imaging video)
  • graphically – graph show temperature courses of observed object in the time
  • simultaneously – visualy & graphicaly

Thermal Detection Screen

Key features

  • possibility to connect to unlimited number of thermal cameras (Ethernet)
  • multi-screen display (layout mode 1x1, 2x2, 3x3)
  • setup of alarm conditions
  • alarm management - evaluation and indication of thermal events
  • logging of events
  • playback of records (thermal imaging video)
  • quick search of video sequence by date, time or logged events
  • advanced thermal and video analysis of occured events
  • export of protocol (event analysis)
  • 24/7 automatic operation (no need operator)
  • intuitive and user friendly interface


Outdoor & Indoor

  • rafinery & petroleum products storages
  • electrical high voltage power and distribution devices
  • power plants and heating plants (turbines, generators, etc.)
  • iron and steel industry
  • chemical and petrochemical industry
  • manufacture of explosives
  • wood industry
  • ammunition dumps
  • important military objects

Failure diagnostic & Predictive maintainance

  • seizing of bearings and other rotating parts
    • rollers conveyor belts
    • motors
  • compressors
  • pumps
  • low voltage power devices
  • others

We also offer solutions for special applications

explosive environmentexplosive environment radiation environmentradiation environment

Compatible thermal cameras

FLIR A300, A310, A300f, A310f, A310Ex, AHLBERG IR200, IR300


FLIR A310 f

FLIR A310 pt

FLIR G300 a

FLIR A6604

FLIR A310 ex


Prevention is cheaper than caused damages!



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