Thermal Automation System

Thermal AutomationThermal Automation system is designed for automated thermal inspection. It can be used in production process, quality control and everywhere you need to automatically detect thermal irregularities. System is based on the combination of thermal imaging cameras and intelligent software, that can recognize if the temperatures of observed object are according to specification or not.

Thermal Automation schema


Inspection mode (real-time automated inspection)

The observed objects or their selected parts are monitored by thermal imaging cameras, which continuously measure their temperature. If the Thermal Automation system detects, that temperature of some observed object is not according to specification, the system automatically sends a command to process control system, or it alerts an operator.

Infrared video images for machine vision

System also provides infrared video images in real-time. It can be used for applications of machine vision and process control.
If it is necessary, the operator is able continously and in real-time to observe on display the live infrared video images of all monitored objects.

Thermal imageThermal imageThermal image

Thermal imageThermal imageThermal image

Continuous video recording and temperatures data logging*

In inspection mode system simultaneously and continuously performs video recording and temperature data logging. Recorded video and recorded temperature data allows the retrospective analysis of events, which occured in the past in monitored area.

Retrospective analysis of events*

System able to do advanced analysis of occured events. The analysis is performed from recorded video and temperature data in two ways:

  • visually – playback of records (thermal imaging video)
  • graphically – graph show temperature courses of observed object in the time
  • simultaneously – visualy & graphicaly

Thermal Automation Screen

Key features

  • possibility to connect to unlimited number of thermal cameras
  • multi-screen display (layout mode 1x1, 2x2, 3x3)
  • setup of alarm conditions
  • alarm management - evaluation and indication of thermal events
  • logging of events
  • cooperation with process control system based on PC or PLC
  • connectivity for external temperature senzor*
  • playback of records (thermal imaging video)*
  • quick search of video sequence by date, time or logged events*
  • advanced thermal and video analysis of occured events*
  • export of protocol (event analysis)*
  • 24/7 automatic operation (no need operator)
  • intuitive and user friendly interface


Thermal Automation system can be used wherever is a need for early identification of undesirable thermal changes, which involve a risk of degradation of production quality due to failure of facility, error of process control, etc..

  • automotive industry
  • tire production
  • glass industry
  • iron and steel industry
  • heat treatment of metals and sintering
  • chemical and petrochemical industry

  • plastic production
  • paper production
  • lighting production and testing
  • production and heat treatment of food and drinks
  • others

Compatible thermal cameras

FLIR A300, A310, A300f, A310f, A310Ex, AX8


FLIR A310 f

FLIR A310 pt

FLIR G300 a

FLIR A6604

FLIR A310 ex


 * applies to proffesional edition


Thermal imaging cameras watch over the quality of your production



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