Thermal Analysis System

Thermal Analysis system is bringing new dimension to thermography – TIME!

Thermal AnalysisThermal Analysis system allows a new sight on the running thermal processes and events, that occurs on the surface of observed object in real-time. System is based on the combination of thermographic cameras and intelligent software, what allows to perform advanced analysis of the captured infrared video and temperature data.

You can see and measure all in movement - continuous in real-time!

Key features of Thermal Analysis system:

  • real-time visualisation of temperature progress & continuous temperature graph
  • continuous recording of infrared video and measured temperature data
  • advanced post-analysis of recorded temperature data - continuous-time graph
  • playback of infrared video synchronised with temperature graph

This way you can see the rate of heating or cooling, heat transfer, dissipation, leakage, and other temperature factors.

All in movement, all with exact temperature data!


The screen of Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring

After initialization of monitoring function, the observed object is monitored by thermographic camera in real-time. Camera provides a infrared video stream and also complex temperature data of observed object, which are continuously transferred in to a central control system. There they are processed and evaluated with the intelligent software in real-time. Thermal Analysis system dispose of advanced detection functions. If system detects undesirable temperature changes of the observed object (exceeding the set temperature, temperature acceleration), it automatically alerts an operator and forward a command to superior control system.

Post-analysis of temperature changes

The screen of post-data analysis of temperature changes

System able to do advanced post-analysis of thermal processes and events. User interface allow complex management and setup of analysis functions. The analysis is performed from recorded infrared video and temperature data and allow to display the exact course of temperature changes from observed object in selected time period. One of outputs of the post-analysis is a time-graph, which displays the course of temperature changes in selected image-pixels (in selected part of observed object). It is possible gradually to analyze temperature course of all image pixels from connected thermal camera and the results compare with each other.

System analyse a time-course of temperature changes in three ways:

  • visually – playback of records (infrared video)
  • graphically – graph show temperature courses of observed object in time
  • simultaneously – visually & graphicaly

Great advantage of Thermal Analysis system is a perfect visualisation of temperature progress - playback of infrared video synchronised with the graph of time-course of temperature changes.

Key features

  • connectivity for 1 - 4 thermal cameras (simultaneously)
  • measuring range from -20 to + 350°C (up to 1200°C on request)*
  • complex setup of alerting conditions
  • visualization of the object surface temperature in real time (infrared video)
  • long-term recording of infrared video and measured temperature data
  • logging of events
  • conectivity for external temperature senzor
  • multi-screen display (layout 1x1, 2x2)
  • real-time graph of temperature course of observed object

  • quick search of video sequence by date, time or logged events
  • complex setup of post-analysis conditions
  • advanced temperature and video post-analysis
  • wide time range of post-analysis (1 minute – some months)
  • visualisation of temperature progress - playback of infrared video synchronised with time-graph
  • export of measurement protocol (graph, infrared image, temperature data)
  • 24/7 automatic operation (no need operator)
  • the possibility of connection to superior process controller
  • intuitive and user friendly interface


Thermal Analysis system allows engineers to see and accurately measure, what happened in the selected time period on the observed object. In this way they can to see heat patterns, dissipation, leakage, and other temperature factors in equipment, products and processes – all continuous in real-time.

A. Short thermal processes (some minutes)

Thermal image of the short thermal processThermal image of the short thermal processThermal image of the short thermal process

B. Mean-time thermal processes (some minutes till some hours)

Thermal image of the mean-time thermal processThermal image of the mean-time thermal processThermal image of the mean-time thermal process

C. Long-term thermal processes (some days till some weeks or months)

Thermal image of the long-time thermal processThermal image of the long-time thermal processThermal image of the long-time thermal process

Thermal Analysis system is an ideal tool wherever is needed complex temperature analysis of object with complex shape combined with complicated temperature time-course.

Thermal imaging systems are widely used around the world for applications as diverse as micro-electronics, paper processing, automotive, plastics, injection molding, consumer appliance design, telecommunications, target heat signatures, mechanical testing, R&D and much more.

Examples of application


  • engines
  • mechanical components, machines and devices
  • electronic components and modules
  • electrical devices
  • light sources and illuminators
  • refrigerating and air conditioning devices
  • chemical and biochemical processes

Monitoring of processes and events

  • heating plants
  • installed heating systems
  • metallurgy and heat treatment of materials
  • chemical and petrochemical industry
  • food production
  • volcanic long-term observation
  • others

Compatible thermal cameras

FLIR A300, A310, A300f, A310f, A310Ex, AHLBERG IR200, IR300

termovízna kamera FLIR A310

termovízna kamera FLIR A310 f

termovízna kamera FLIR A310 pt

termovízna kamera FLIR G300 a

termovízna kamera FLIR A6604

termovízna kamera FLIR A310 ex


Proper and quickly identification of causation save your time and costs


mechanical componentenginecar windowmachine


light sources and illuminatorselectronic componentelectrical deviceelectrical device

mechanical componentelectronic components and moduleselectronic components and moduleschemical and petrochemical industry

refrigerating and air conditioning devicesrefrigerating and air conditioning devicesvolcanic long-term observationvolcanic long-term observation


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