T-Fever Detector PRO

People screening for disease symptoms

Early selection and isolation of risk persons - breaking of the infection pathway

T-Fever DetectorT-Fever Detector system is an efficient tool for identifying of persons with disease symptoms. By fast selection and isolation of such individuals, it is possible to break the infection pathway and thereby prevent the spread of dangerous infection.

automatic detection of persons with fever

About system

Contactless measurement of body temperature - Automatic detection of persons with fever

T-Fever Detector system uses thermal camera features to shoot and measure temperature of exposed human skin (usually the face). Measured temperature data are processed in real-time and they are compared with preset temperature limit (usually 37,0 °C).

If camera detects in its field of view some person with higher temperature than the preset limit, it will automatically notify operating staff. The person with higher temperature will be highlighted by a red square on the LCD displaying unit. For better identification of persons, T-Fever Detector system uses dual-view camera, that in addition to thermal camera contains CCTV camera as well. This camera shoots in the visible spectrum. The highlighted person is easily recognized among others with the support of CCTV image.


Key features

  • Precise temperature measurement
  • Automatic temperature calibration (black body)
  • Fast and reliable temperature-detection algorithm
  • CCTV camera for easy face recognition

  • Up to 15 face targets on the camera picture
  • Video recordings allow to review a critical situations
  • Portable system


Body temperature measurement system

What you should know

Less experienced users may think that any thermal camera can be used for accurate body temperature measuring. This is not true at all, because the measurement accuracy of conventional thermal cameras is ± 2.0 °C or even more. Cameras with such measurement quality cannot to identify infected people correctly. For example, an infected person with fever (temperature 38.9 °C) standing in the front of such camera can be displayed on the monitor with the temperature value 36,9 °C.

Other important factors can also influence the accuracy of human body temperature measuring. For example, skin surface temperature of person measured by thermal camera is lower than his internal body temperature. The A difference can be as much as 1.0 to 1.5 °C. This is caused because the human skin is usually cooled by the surrounding air. It means that for example, the face temperature of healthy person (with internal body temperature 36.5 °C) scanned in room with air temperature 22 °C will be on the thermographic camera displayed with the value of 1.5 °C less (35.0 °C).

One of the major advantages of the T-Fever Detector System is, that it uses a system of automatic calibration of thermal cameras. The accuracy of temperature measurement is increased to ± 0,3 °C. T-Fever Detector System can also correct the "cold air effect" in real time by converting the measured skin temperature e.g. 34.5 °C to displayed temperature of 36.6 °C. This ensures that system operator has the right information and can make right decisions all the time.

Early selection and isolation of risk persons

Where to use

The T-Fever Detector system can be used wherever there is a high concentration and migration of people and where is a high riskof sick individuals spreading infectious disease to healthy people.


airportsrailway and bus stationscultural heritagesports centres

production and assembly factoriesschools and hospitalsshopping mallsoffice buildings


Protect everything you care about with T-Fever Detector


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