T-Ever Detector

People screening and detecting elevated body temperature

Early selection and isolation of risk persons - break the chain of infection

T-Ever DetectorT-Ever Detector system is an efficient tool for identifying of persons with elevated body temperature. By fast selection and isolation of such individuals, it is possible to break the chain of infection and thereby prevent the spread of dangerous infection.

automatic detection of elevated body temperature

About system

Contactless measurement of body skin temperature - Automatic detection of elevated body temperature

The T-Ever Detector system is based on a combination of a thermographic camera that captures the body temperature of the monitored persons and a high-performance software application that processes and evaluates the measured temperature data in real time. If the camera detects a person with body temperature higher than preset temperature threshold (usually 37.5 °C) it will automatically notify operating staff by triggering a voice alarm.

At the same time, the system automatically records the alarm to the event list and saves a thermal image with a photo of the detected person. Recordings with saved images allow the operator to retrospectively check what happened in certain time and date as well evaluate the highest measured temperature values.

A CCTV camera captures the monitored scene in the visible spectrum. The monitored person is easily recognizable with support of the image from CCTV camera.

T-EVER DETECTOR - system connection

Key features

  • Thermographic camera FLIR (Sweden)
  • Temperature measurement accuracy ±0,3 °C
  • Automatic temperature calibration with C-Black Body
  • CCTV camera for fast face recognition
  • Full alarm management

  • Logging alarm events including temperature images
  • Quick search for events by date and time
  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Designed for connecting up to 24 cameras
  • „Made in EU“ Solution


Video how the system T-Ever Detector works


T-Ever Detector system

Where to use

The T-Ever Detector system can be used wherever there is a high concentration and migration of people and where is a high risk of sick individuals spreading infectious disease to healthy people.


airportsrailway and bus stationscultural heritagesports centres

production and assembly factoriesschools and hospitalsshopping mallsoffice buildings


T-Ever Detector Applications

T-Ever Detector Applications

Protect everything you care about with T-Ever Detector


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