Camera up to 400°C

Camera suitable for demanding industrial applications. The camera body made of stainless steel has a double chamber for the circulation of coolant. The front flange has a glass window resistant to high temperature.

Camera up to 400°C

The solid construction of this housing makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications, such as the surveillance of ovens, foundries and other high-temperature environments. The housing, entirely made of polished stainless steel, consists of a body with double chamber for the circulation of coolant or cooling air, closed by two very thick flanges. The rear flange enables cable passage using two cable glands. The front flange can be equipped with tempered glass or quartz glass for high temperatures.


  • Made of AISI 316L electropolished stainless steel
  • Steel cylindrical chamber for internal circulation of cooling liquid linked to an external circuit
  • IP66/IP67
  • Supplied air barrier (air blowing of windscreen)
  • 2x PG13.5 cable glands in nickel-plated brass for external connections
  • Available accessories: camera power supply, air filtering group, tempered glass (max. 260°C/500°F), quartz glass (max. 400°C/752°F), IR-proof glass (max. 260°C/500°F)


Housing manufactured in polished stainless steel (austenitic stainless alloy steel resistant to corrosion and heat):
  • AISI 316L
  • UNI 6900-71: X 2 Cr Ni Mo 17 12 2
  • DIN 17006: X 2 Cr Ni Mo 17 13 2
  • N° werkstoff: 1.4404
  • AFNOR: Z2 CND 17-12
  • BSI: 316S11
The screws utilised are in austenitic alloy stainless steel, corrosion and heat resistant according to the following standards:
  • ISO: 7380
  • AISI: 316
  • ISO quality: A4
  • Resistance class ISO: from 50 to 70
External body polishing
Dimensions (ØxL): 154x375mm (6x14.8in)
Internal usable area (WxH): 78x78mm (3.1x 3.1in)
Internal usable length: 345mm (13.6in)
Internal usable length (with power supply): 223mm (8.8in)
2x1/2”GAS connectors for liquid input / output
The flange with air barrier is equipped with a 1/4”Gas thread joint and a reduction from 1/2”Gas to 1/4”Gas.
Gaskets: O-ring
Flange thickness (back) : 9mm (0.35in)
Cable glands: 2xPG13.5 (nickel-plated brass)
Cooling liquid (application example with incoming water at 20°C (68°F) temperature):
  • ambient temperature 200°C (392°F), water capacity 2l/min, temperature inside housing 32°C (89.6°F)
  • ambient temperature 300°C (572°F), water capacity 2.2l/min, temperature inside housing 41°C (105.8°F)
  • ambient temperature 400°C (752°F), water capacity 6.5l/min, temperature inside housing 44°C (111.2°F)
Cooling Air (Application example with incoming air at 17°C(62°F) and an environmental temperature at 80°C(176°F)):
  • with pressure 1bar, air capacity 10m³/h, temperature inside housing 45°C (113°F)
  • with pressure 2bar, air capacity 15m³/h, temperature inside housing 35°C (95°F)
Air barrier (Flange with 8 holes)
  • Male input 1/2” GAS
  • System pressure: 4bar max
  • Recommended minimum pressure: 2bar
Air barrier (Flange with 32 holes)
  • Male input 1/2” GAS
  • System pressure: 6bar max
  • Recommended minimum pressure: 2bar
Unit weight: 10.2kg (22lb)
Usable diameter: 95mm (3.7in)
Tempered extra clear glass
  • Thick: 6mm (0.24in)
  • Operating temperature: 260°C (500°F) max, thermal gradient 108°C (226.4°F) max
Quartz glass
  • Thick: 6mm (0.24in)
  • Operating temperature: 400°C (752°F) max, thermal gradient 220°C (428°F) max
IR-proof glass
  • Thick: 6.6mm (0.3in)
  • Operating temperature: 260°C (500°F) max, thermal gradient 108°C (226.4°F) max
Camera power supply
IN from 100Vac up to 240Vac, 50/60Hz - OUT 12Vdc, 1.25A
IN 230Vac, 50/60Hz - OUT 24Vac, 400mA
For indoors and outdoors installation
Maximum working temperature (with water cooling):
  • with tempered glass 260°C (500°F) max
  • with quartz glass 400°C (752°F) max
  • with IR-proof glass 260°C (500°F) max
Relative humidity: from 5% up to 95%
Electrical safety (CE): EN60065, EN62368-1
Electromagnetic compatibility (CE): EN50130-4, EN61000-6-3
IP protection degree: EN60529, IP66/IP67
EAC certification
NXCTPG13SS: Kit of 2xPG 13.5 stainless steel cable glands IP68 for stainless steel housings
ONXWTG: Tempered glass
ONXWQG: Quartz glass
ONXAB2: Front flange with air barrier and tempered glass
ONXAB1025B: Air barrier with IR-proof glass included for NXW housings
NXFIGRU2: Filtering group for compressed air cleaning
ONXWPS1B: Camera power supply, IN from 100Vac up to 240Vac, 50/60Hz - OUT 12Vdc, 1.25A
OHEPS25: Camera transformer, IN 230Vac - OUT 24Vac, 400mA, for housings, NXW, NTW
NXWBS1: AISI 316L stainless steel wall bracket with joint
NXCOL: AISI 316L stainless steel pole adapter module
NXCW: AISI 316L stainless steel corner adapter module
NXWTU: AISI 316L stainless steel adapter module for oblique surfaces
MHXWFWCA: AISI 316L stainless steel ball joint
MHXWBS: AISI 316L stainless steel wall bracket
Model Number: NXW
Weight: 10.8kg ( 23.8lb)
Dimensions (WxHxL)>: 24.3x24.2x49.5cm (9.6x9.5x19.5in)


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