Ahlberg - New products 2021

Ahlberg Cameras - 40 Years of excellence.

New Mini-Rad Mirror released

The new Ahlberg sensor technology - 100 times more radiation tolerant.

4 Face Fuel Inspection

Ahlberg Cameras introduce the 4-face nuclear fuel inspection system.

Ahlberg Cameras - video

Cameras, which are suitable for use in the radiation environment.

T-Global - Innovative Solutions


Company T-Global develops and delivers application software designed to support thermal imaging and thermography cameras. Software are designed mainly for application in fire prevention & detection, industry, R&D and safeguard & security.

T-Global is a member of Plettac Systems Group.


 Janoskova 1545, 026 01 D.Kubin, European Union/Slovakia
 +421 43 3211 441