Unique combination of sensors with thermal and standard cameras is bringing a new possibilities in industrial monitoring

We have solutions for the safety of your industry

  • Multisensorial monitoring of critical infrastructures
    ("all in one" solution)

  • Temperature condition monitoring
    (fire & overheating detection)

  • Machine noise monitoring
    (sound changes detection)

  • Visual monitoring & inspection systems
    for nuclear power plants

  • Industrial cameras for high temperature
    environment (up to 2000 °C)

  • Industrial cameras for explosive
    environment (Ex)

Our systems will protect you

  • T-Multisens Monitoring

    Multisensorial monitoring system combined with VMS/CCTV.
  • T-Thermal Monitoring

    Overheating/Fire detection system
  • T-Sound Monitoring

    Sound changes detection system
  • Radiation resistant cameras and lights

  • Temperature resistant cameras

  • Explosion proof cameras

We recommend FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras


FLIR A300/A310

FLIR A300 / A310 infrared cameras target safety and automation applications where networking capabilities and compliance with networking protocols is of essence.

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FLIR A310 f

FLIR A310 f

FLIR A300 f / A310 f (fix-mounted) monitoring systems are designed to withstand the elements to remotely collect valuable data.

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FLIR A310 pt

FLIR A310 pt

FLIR A310 pt (pan-tilt) monitoring systems are designed to withstand the elements to remotely collect valuable data.

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FLIR G300 a

FLIR AG300 a

The FLIR G300 a thermal imaging camera lets you can monitor vital gas pipelines or installations 24/7.

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FLIR A6604

FLIR A6604

The FLIR A6604 thermal imaging camera lets you monitor vital gas pipelines or installations 24/7. You will immediately see if a dangerous and costly gas leak appears.

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FLIR A310 ex

FLIR A310 ex

FLIR A310 ex is an ATEX compliant solution, with a thermal imaging camera mounted in an enclosure, making it possible to monitor critical and other valuable assets also in explosive atmospheres.

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T-Global - Systems for monitoring of critical infrastructures

4 reasons why you should choose our solutions

There are a lot of great reasons to choose T-Global. Here are our top four reasons for why you should pick our solution.


Original solutions

The combination of inventively designed software with quality thermographic plus security surveillance cameras bring a new innovative solutions, which cover a large spectrum of customer requirements in the industrial safety.


Innovative capabilities

We continuously innovating our solutions. Our designers and developers constantly investigate news in the thermography and technical sensors to implement them to new versions of software and new solutions.


Knowledge and experiences

The experiences, knowledge and technical invention allow our engineers to design you the industrial safety systems to fit your needs.


Technical support

Our engineers are ready to support you. When you will have some requirements or problems, you can rely to our professional assistance.

Thermal Systems - Leading Solutions


Company T-Global develops and delivers application software designed to support thermal imaging and thermography cameras. Software are designed mainly for application in fire prevention & detection, industry, R&D and safeguard & security.

T-Global is a member of Plettac Systems Group.


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